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The “Privacy, Security and Secrecy of Communication” is a cycle of workshops for everyone who values being able to remain anonymous, to keep secrets to himself, to communicate with peers without anyone listening, and to avoid having his every step watched. We will talk about anonymity and privacy in age of mass surveillance. During the workshop we will raise awarness, cover practice of current communication technologies, and simulate a real-life eavesdropping to deepen participants' understanding of our digital reality.

Mass Surveillance

We live in an era of mass data collection, undermining of civil security technologies and off the shelf surveillance tools for national agents. What does this mean for us?

Privacy & anonymity

With technological and cultural shift to producing, sharing and gathering enornmous ammounds of data privacy and anonymity seem dead. Are they?


Metadata tells more about you, because contrary to content, it just doesn't lie. Why is that?


How can cryptography help to achieve confidentiality in journalistic cooperation with sources?

Stop leaving so many trails

Learn to notice your digital shadow, and to make it smaller.

Harden communication channels

Add a layer of security to your communication paths.

Hide in the crowd

Anonymity is not simply about being unknown. It's also about being in a crowd you don't stand out from.

Dead drop

Be prepared to accept information anonymously as an organization.


The problematique will illustrated by similations at the workshop. We will perform communication patterns of journalists communicating with sources and play hide and seek with security services.


You will receive a live pendrive with TAILS - operating system that aims at preserving your privacy and anonymity.



Block 1. Anonymity and privacy landscape of our era.

  • Introduction - what are we going to learn, what are we going to do, and what are the expected results.
  • Landscape of our digital era - surveillance, leaks, whistleblowers and journalists.
  • Outlining privacy and anonymity - what are they, who needs them, why do they need them.
  • Metadata speaks louder then words - its pitfals and scarry reality.
  • Surveillance and monitoring of communication technologies - government and commercial, passive and active.




Block 2. Anonymity, privacy and secrecy

  • Anonymity in theory - about not being identified and deanonymization methods.
  • Anonymity in practice - software tools to stay anonymous.
  • Confidentiality and data safety in theory - about cryptography and it's use in communication with sources.
  • Confidentiality and data safety in practice - software tools to use and best pracitices.
  • How can a media agency securely and anonymously accept information?




Block 3. The game.

  • Live action role-playing game: "Whistleblowers", where you will become journalists, agents or whistleblowers and try to reach a goal in a surveillance world! Before the game we will take some time to prepare you, and after it to discuss the results.




Block 4. Recapitulation.

We'll discuss the game experience, summarize the workshop, listen to your feedback and answer remaining questions.


Beer time. The workshop ends at 17:30, but if you want to have a beer or coffee with us, stay and lets chat! Unfortunately, we lack funds to purchase the drinks for you.


Marcin Koziej
Digital Rights advocate and IT specialist. He is passionate about privacy, freedom of speech and new media serving progressive political change. Researcher and practitioner of grassroot, cooperative action.

Marcin Koziej

Marcin Lewandowski
Cross-media activist, entrepreneur, community media editor, and team leader of online projects. He participated in successful whistleblowing campaign against public Universities in Kraków. More…

Marcin Lewandowski


Hunor Király

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Tereza Libecajtová

Iuridicum Remedium
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Adela Tihlarikova

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Marcel Kwaśniak

Radiofonia Association
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Don't hestitate to ask your questions.

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There're only 15 seats per workshop so don't hesitate!

  • Fee is just 10 EUR.
  • We will provide a vegetarian lunch.
  • We will speak English.
  • Please bring your laptop.

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